If I’d Only Known!

Family Search is so amazing.  If you go to the homepage of family search and then click “Learn”, there is an abundance of online courses, articles, and tools to help you in your search for your ancestors.  Yesterday I watched a presentation called “If I’d Only Known”.  It was really insightful.  The biggest thing I learned was to take detailed notes and keep them organized by using pedigree charts, spread sheets and outlines.  Another big thing was to document sources.  When you find something interesting write down the source, the date and its significance.  It is important to keep a running record of your research with detailed notes.  These notes will help you keep everything straight and remind you of past discoveries so you don’t just go in circles.  Happy Researching!!

PS  Evernote would be very useful for family history.  It is an online note taking tool.  You have an account and you can save websites, photos, notes, any images or audio to your account and then that account can be accessed from anywhere–phone, pc, laptop, library, anything that can connect to the internet.  You can tag everything you save to your evernote and then search it to easily find info.  Check it out.


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