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Recently I learned about a wonderful site called Find A  It is a huge database of graves that was created by volunteers who go to cemeteries, take pictures of headstones and enter the information into the database.  You can create memorials for people who have passed with pictures, stories and information that can be accessed by others.  Most importantly you can search the database for your loved one’s final resting place and hopefully find a missing clue in your family history.  Here are a couple of examples from their feedback page:

June 30, 2011
Find A Grave is such a wonderful site and I am continuing to add memorials from our local cemetery.  Just this week I heard from a woman who thanked me for adding her mother to findagrave.  Her mother died at age 31 and the daughter was only five at the time of her mother’s death.  She did not know where her mother was buried.  I love hearing these stories and hearing from relatives of other memorials I have added.”

Feb 13, 2007
Dear Find A Grave,
Sometime back my wife and I added some photos of various graves to Find A Grave, and last week we received a note from a viewer asking why we added one particular grave of a person in a national cemetery. We told her about our respect for our country’s deceased and our desire to honor them. Her response, which is why I share this with you, says it all. She replied:

As his daughter, which he never knew, may I say thank you for your kindness? Back in November, I was able to visit the cemetery!!!! I found it comforting to view, in person, what I had seen online….Thanks to you and your efforts!!!!!!!! Your ‘hobby’ as well as your desire to honor others….brought deep emotion as well as assisted with closer on my part! Again I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I think Find A Grave is one of the best web sites on the internet. Thank you all for the work you do.
Best wishes,
[name witheld]”

For some it is a hobby to go to their local cemeteries, photograph the graves and then enter the information on the website so that their relatives will be able to find them.  Anyone can become a member of the site and search the database for free.  You can also request photos and volunteers in that area will go to the cemetery and search for your loved one among the graves.  People are able to find their loved ones and then in turn help others by contributing to the database.  It is so awesome!

All you have to do is click “Join Now” to become a member and then start searching.  You can search by name, date and place or you can search a specific cemetery if you know it.  It is such a great resource so I just had to share it with you!


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