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How to create a Fan Chart but first—Missing someone in your family tree?

First of all go to new.familysearch.org and register if you have not already.  If you are registered, sign in.

Click “See Me and My Ancestors”and you will see a screen like this:  (I have blacked out names to keep things semi-private)

This view is called “Family Pedigree with details”.  There is also the “Family Tree” view.  To change views click “change view”:

Under “Change View” a menu will appear, click “Family Tree” to see your tree like this:

This view requires Adobe Flash so you cannot see it on the iPad.  This view is really nice because you can click and drag to see different parts of your tree, yet you can still view each individual’s personal information by clicking “View: Details” in the sidebar.

I prefer the Family Pedigree with Details view so I will go back to that view to continue this tutorial.

Look at your family tree and you will see your name (and your spouse’s name if you are married) in italics in the first spot:

All of your living ancestors will be in italics and all the deceased will be in regular print as you can see below.  You will not be able to see any personal information of any living relative unless you add it (it’s a privacy protection issue).

If you do not see your spouse, children, parents or grandparents and they are living click the blank (“Add child/spouse/mother/father”) where they should be and you will get a screen that looks like this:

Click “Add New Individual” at the very top of this screen and enter in that person’s information.  This is just for your tree, no one else will be able to see this information because the person is still living.  Once you have entered your living relatives (your spouse, parents, grandparents) you will then be linked up with the rest of your deceased relatives.  When adding deceased ancestors ALWAYS click “Find Existing Individual By Name” (the second tab in the picture above).  Always search for them first, because they may already be in the familysearch database.  If you just add them, you will be creating a duplicate.  If you do not find them on the familysearch database, then go ahead and add them and do their work!!

Now you can create your fan chart!

Go to createfan.com and click “Login”:

Enter in your username and password for new.familysearch.org and click “Sign In”:

You will then be taken back to the CreateFan website.  Click “Create”:

The CreateFan website will access your family tree using your username and password to create the fan chart for you.

Click “Save File” then click “OK”.

A PDF of your fan chart will then be downloaded onto your computer and this download queue should pop-up:

Double-click on the fan chart to see it.  And there it is!  Now you can easily see 9 generations of your ancestors. See any blanks??  Start searching for those missing names!



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