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While visiting my sister last week we did some family history together and I learned that my maternal grandmother’s grandmother was a twin.  Her name is Ella Amelia Pomeroy (married William Lyman Rich) and her sister is Emma Adelia Pomeroy.  They were born 16 June 1858 and their parents are Francis Martin Pomeroy and Irene Ursulia Haskell.  Sadly, Irene died just 2 years after the twins were born.  All of their children were born in Utah or Idaho so we assumed that Francis stayed in that area with his family until we saw that he was buried in Mesa, Arizona.  We were concerned that the information was incorrect because we assumed Francis lived the rest of his life in Idaho/Utah where that side of our family has been established for some time.  We searched family search a few times to look for records but did not have any luck.  Finally I decided to just search on the internet and we found Francis’s entire life history that answered all of our questions. Click here to read it.  It is very interesting and I am so grateful someone put it on the internet for us to find it.  Francis Martin Pomeroy was quite a man and led a very full life.  When he was just 16 he signed up with a whaling ship and made 3 voyages around the globe.  He learned his duties and excelled at them.  He was to be first mate on his fourth voyage when the ship was sunk near Peru.  He was the only survivor and was found by some Spaniards who nursed him back to health.  He stayed with them for 2 years, working and learning pure Castilian Spanish before he made his way back to New England where he would meet his first wife and join the church.  After heading west to Salt Lake City with the first group of saints, he served as Brigham Young’s interpreter and lived in the SLC area.  Later he settled the Bear Lake area and lived there for 13 1/2 years until he could not take the cold any longer.  He was asked by Brigham Young to go to Arizona with a few other families to colonize Arizona.  He moved most of his family there and enjoyed 5 years of sunshine before he passed away.  He was one of the founders of Mesa, Arizona and is interred there.

Francis Martin Pomeroy 1822-1882



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