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This is big! Mary McKinley and Francis Kane

My grandmother and my aunt and my cousin have been working on a certain line for years (seriously, years!).  It is told that Mary McKinley was the daughter of a well-off landowner in Ireland and she fell in love with one of the laborers Francis Kane.  They got married and left Ireland for America.  We do not know who either of their parents are, well, we didn’t know.  I looked on family search the other day and, to my utter surprise, Mary McKinley has been sealed to parents Henry McKenzie and Mary and now has 10 siblings.  I was ecstatic to see this but I am dying to know how they found this information.  And is it legit??  Every person in the family besides Mary was born and died in Georgia, whereas Mary was born in Ireland and died in Wisconsin.  And Mary is the only one with the last McKinley and the rest are chrsitened McKenzie (or a variation of it)…it is very close….could it be that she changed her name when she came to America?  Or is this even her real family??  It doesn’t look like this family is even her family, but why, then were they connected on family search?  The search continues…


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