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Family Search is the best!

After my experience with Thomas Stirland and Rosina Schenck I went to familysearch.com and found the death certificate of Thomas and Rosina’s son William Charles Stirland.  William died of TB on January 8, 1920 at the age of 27 in Providence, Utah.  The record indicated that he contracted the illness in Australia.  I had no idea they kept record of that sort of thing.  Here is the image:

The doctor that signed the death certificate is something, something Budge.  My mom told me when I was little that her favorite cousin was Mary Budge…I wonder if there is a relation between this doctor and Mary Budge.  There most likely is since Mary and mom grew up together in northern Utah and southern Idaho.  These are the types of things I wish I could call my mom about.

I also found out that Thomas and Rosina’s son John Thomas (Jack) Stirland died less than a month after William in 1920 at the at of 32.  John served in World War I from 1918 to 1919 and was a farmer.  He was married to Bessie Burton.  He died of pneumonia caused by influenza.



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